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Cuddly fishes take over nursery rooms in Paris! With her colorful label Poissons Pop, Audrey Onolfo, a 25-year-old product manager for luxury brands, causes great excitement among little children and also among adults. I was lucky to meet the young entrepreneur when I was in London last year.  It is fantastic to have her as my very first interview partner in my new section „Tweed & Greet with“.

Poissons Pop Original

Say hello to Audrey and  find out, how she came up with the idea of creating this little bunch of cheerful companions of „Poissons Pop“ and her further plans with her label.

Audrey Onolfo Poissons Pop

Tweed & Greet: Audrey, you are specialized in luxury products and fashion, please let us know about the story that inspired you to create „Poissons Pop“?

Poissons Pop: Their story began when I was in the train back from Nantes where I passed by a carousel with seabed characters. The idea of creating soft toys was not new, but this was the trigger of the project and I began to draw a first “poisson pop” (pop fish). The name came up very fast, but the final shape of it took me more time! I guess working in fashion and luxury made me even more sensitive to fabrics, details and to craftmanship.

Poissons Pop Augen

Tweed and Greet: Tell us something about the creation (production) process and the materials these little friends are made of.

Poissons Pop: I knew from the beginning that I wanted to pick the most natural and safe materials for them: cotton and a high quality wadding. Since the beginning I kept the same method, making each one of them by hand and at the sewing machine in my room. It takes a little while but I like the idea that each one of them is unique and had some time dedicated to it before it goes on to its life with toddlers or adults.

Poissons Pop Label Liberty

Tweed and Greet: Is it possible to order individually designed fishes?

Poissons Pop: Yes totally! I recently added a category for personalized Poissons Pop to my e-shop. The idea is that people can either come up with a fabric they love, or pick a fabric in my selection or ask for an idea they have and I will find the good fabric and make the Poisson Pop with it. For instance lately someone asked me for a Poisson Pop coming from the sky by night with stars. I found a fabric that fitted this idea, she approved it and I could send her unique Poisson Pop a few days after.

Poissons Pop Liberty

Tweed and Greet: Where can we buy the Poissons Pop? Do you also send them abroad?

Poissons Pop: You can buy the Poissons Pop in my e-shop on the website Alittlemarket.com, which promotes handmade. From this website I can send Poissons Pop anywhere abroad! They are also available in a decoration shop in the Sceaux, in the south of Paris, called Invitation au Voyage.

Tweed & Greet: What is the 2015 outlook for Poissons Pop? Can we expect an extension to the colorful fish family?

Poissons Pop: Yes I am preparing a few surprises that will be displayed on the Poissons Pop Facebook page along the year. And the Poissons Pop will exist in even more colors than they are now!

Poissons Pop Arbeitsplatz

Tweed & Greet: And finally: What keeps you creative and inspired?

Poissons Pop: I guess it is mainly what I see when walking around in Paris and especially when I wander in the Marché Saint-Pierre where all the fabrics are!

Tweed and Greet: Many thanks for your time!

Poissons Pop: Thanks a lot and good luck for everything!

I do also wish her a lot of success with these lovely buddies!

Poissons Pop Book

The interview with Audrey Onolfo from Poissons Pop first appeared at www.tweedandgreet.de

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